How it works

Point Kwistr at your web application, API, mobile application, or website and let Kwistr know when it is working as intended. Kwistr will monitor your app or website and alert you when its behavior differs from what you have indicated is the intended behavior. You can either tell Kwistr that the new behavior is now correct, or that it is a bug. If it was an unintended change, let Kwistr notify you when the app is working as it was before.

Intelligent Regression Monitoring

Once Kwistr has been trained to work with your app or website, it intelligently determines if changes have occurred. Unlike other tools, Kwistr will work across changes in test data. Kwistr's intelligent approach results in a very low number of false positives.


When Kwistr detects a change, it can notify you via email, txt message, or even via Slack.


Integrations with industry leading tools such as Slack, Jira, and Github allows Kwistr to seamlessly fit into your existing workflow.

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